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Katarzyna Vernet



F. Chopin Mazurkas op. 24

No 1. g-minor

No 2. C-major

No 3. A flat-major

No 4. b flat-minor

F. Chopin Ballade No 1 g-minor op. 23

F. Chopin Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante E flat-major op. 22

M. Moszkowski Caprice Espagnol a-minor op. 37

D.M.A. Catherine Vernet was born in Krakow to the family of research associates who graduated AGH University of Science and Technology. Music has always been present in her family home. Her grandmother, a Polish teacher, and her maternal grandfather, the lawyer as well as her father’s father - the founder of the Krakow Arsenal and the grandmother who came from the family of Cracow councilmen also made sure that their children received musical education. As a result, the piano and violin have always been present at her home. They were performing music together, honouring the musical traditions of the family and making it the heritage passed over to the next generations. As a result, Katarzyna started her education at the age of five. Since she started her regular education, the head teacher and her tutor has been emphasizing her exceptional musical talent:

“She has manual ease in overcoming technical problems and she makes spectacular
day to day progress”.

- L. Grzyb

She completed all stages of her musical education with honours. At the end of her primary education, her tutor was the pianist and teacher, the professor of the Music Academy in Katowice, Jozef Stompel - the prize winner of the International Frederick Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

“Katarzyna Vernet is exceptionally gifted.
I put it ‘there are big hopes connected with her constant development as a pianist”.

- prof. J. Stompel

After her graduation at the age of 16, she started preparing for the most well-known International Frederick Chopin competition in Warsaw, where she was the youngest participant. These preparation were often preceded by numerous concert, frequently three times a day. At the time of the International Frederick Chopin competition she had already won other competitions in Poland and received honours abroad. She regularly performed in prestigious concert halls and with philharmonic orchestras in Poland and abroad.

Her musical studies were done in famous Music Academy in Katowice under the supervision of Andrzej Jasiński, an eminent teacher, the chairman of the International Fryderyk Chopin
Piano Competition in Warsaw and prof. B. Bilińska.

“Katarzyna Vernet has innate manual skills, natural musical affectivity and spontaneity [...] proving her control of the stage, good co-operation with the orchestra and excellent rapport with the public”.

- prof. A. Jasiński

Her willingness to learn more about the art of pianism made her start post-graduate studies in professor M. Herbowski’s class in the Academy of Music in Kraków. At that time she gave numerous concerts abroad and became well-known as the piano master, performing the pieces of J. S. Bach,
L. van Beethoven, F. Chopin, F. Liszt and S. Prokofiev.

“Katarzyna Vernet is a perfect performer
of virtuoso compositions with her brilliant technique as a pianist and the beauty of her sound”.

- prof. M. Herbowski

The continuation of her musical career was commencing PhD studies in the Academy of Music in Krakow. The topic of her PhD thesis were the works of a distinguished pianist, composer and teacher – Maurycy Moszkowski, whose works were performed by famous masters like:  V. Horowitz, S. Rachmaninow, J .Hofmann, A. Schnabel and V. Perlemuter.

She received her PhD in Music performance for the doctoral thesis devoted to issues of piano virtuosity based on world premiers of Maurycy Moszkowski’s compositions. This thesis is the compendium of theoretical and practical knowledge for pianists and music experts.

She has performed in various Polish and European concert halls, and have been enthusiastically welcomed by the public and critics. She has inaugurated international festivals including the prestigious Stars Are Promoting the All festival in Jelenia Góra.

“Katarzyna Vernet has incredible abilities as a pianist, which are expressed by her exquisite artistic imagination, perfect skills,
original sensibility, peculiar emotionality, precision of the performance and intensity of the conveyed message”.

- prof. B. Pikała

She has given concerts in many countries, for instance: Holland, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Malta, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain.

For her great achievements in music she has received prestigious awards of the President of the City of Kraków and the President of the City of Katowice as well as the Polish Culture Foundation Award.

She has also been invited to make recordings for the radio and TV. The works of Frederick Chopin played by her were promoting Poland in international TV stations during the Football Cup Euro 2012.

Her highly praised piano skills also result from her working with world famous pianists – Halina Czerny-Stefańska, Barbara Hesse-Bukowska, Milosz Magin, Wiktor Mierżanow, Krystian Zimerman, John O’Connor, and Edit Picht-Axenfeld.

Her skills are being constantly developed, which is demonstrated by her approximately one hundred concerts given annually in Poland and abroad.

Her individual style is very authentic in medium and is very emotional.


48 663 535 510 - polish

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