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Marian Michalski



F. Chopin Nocturne in G major Op. 37 No 2

F. Chopin Etude in G sharp minor Op. 25 No 6

F. Chopin Etude in C major Op. 10 No 1

F. Chopin Scherzo in E major Op. 54

F. Chopin Sonate in B minor Op. 58

1. Allegro Maestoso

2. Scherzo: Molto vivace

3. Largo

4. Finale: Presto non tanto

Marian Michalski is 21 years old. He began his piano lessons at the Paderewski Music School in Tarnów, where his teachers were Anna Szajer and Jarosław Iwaneczko. Now he continues piano education at the Academy of Music in Cracow under the supervision of professor Andrzej Pikul.

During the past few years, Marian’s pianistic talents have been recognized with a number of awards and prizes, including: Third Prize at the II International Competition Young Pianists „Chopin pod Wawelem” in Cracow (July 2019); First Place at the Woytowicz Young Instrumentalists Competition in Jasło, Poland (March 2017); Within the cultural student exchange program, he performed during Paderewski Piano Festiwal in Paso Robles in California, USA (November 2010).

He participated in the Piano Festival of Royal City of Cracow (October 2013) and the Jane Stirling Festival in Edinburgh(October 2018). Since 2010 Marian has developed his skills during piano master classes with Prof. K. Jabłoński and in the piano workschips with professors: A. Jasiński, W. Świtała, W. Wojtal, M. Żebrowski, J. Plowrigt, N. Demidenko and Achilles delle Vigne.

Thanks to his musical achievements he received a scholarship of the President of Tarnow. He was also a scholarship recipient of the Pro Musica Bona Foundation in Cracow in 2013, the Sapere Auso Foundation of Malopolska Scholarship in 2014 and a participant of the National Found for Children (2013-2015).


48 663 535 510 - polish

48 663 535 507 - international

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